Today I was reminded about the power of flow, the power of action, and how each of them has their rightful place. I woke up lazy, fuzzy, and feeling like I don’t know how to “do life”. After indulging in that for a few minutes, I knew connecting with Spirit could change that. I also knew I needed to get my energy flowing in order to get my day flowing.

So, I did my six-position meditation. Sure, enough it got me in touch with some of the areas in me that were clogged. It helped me to realize that the pulled muscle in the right side of my back may indeed be from the abs machine at the gym – but it really is from my overexertion on the abs machine, from living too fully in my masculine energy of making things happen on my time. I also got in touch with frustration that had been present for a few days. Its release took the form of a melodic yell. Finally, my lack of focus became completely clear during the 3rd of the 6 positions when I admittedly missed a few of my chakras as my mind was going wherever it seemed to want to go.

Taking the time to sit for 15 minutes revealed even more. It revealed the power in my breath. It revealed how much has been opening up as I have invited more spaciousness into my being. It revealed that Spirit wants me to have all the joy, love, fun, connection, and peace in my life that I can possibly stand. My job is clearing out the junk so my “tolerance level” for good is infinite.

As I then got into the “action” part of my day, I got even more opportunities to learn where that works and where it doesn’t. Heading out the door already a few minutes late, my phone rang with a call from someone that I had needed to speak with for a while but knew it needed to be them that did the reaching out. We scheduled to catch up after the meeting we were both heading to…but still not yet. Given the ice build-up, I could not get out of my parking area. So, I found the Ice Melt and spread it all around the area. A little progress was made but still not enough. I sprinkled more around the tire areas, then tried again. No, go. I sprinkled even more than realized it probably needed some time to really take hold. I stood amidst the beauty of nature and said the prayers I hadn’t taken the time to say that morning. Thinking that of course, that would do the trick, I got back in the car. Quite a bit more progress but still I was not on the road yet. Two more rounds of sprinkling the Ice Melt, rocking back and forth, and noting my progress with patience, process, and commitment allowed me to make my journey, catch the end of the meeting, and connect with the people I had told that I would be there.

Taking note of all this, I realized today was the perfect day to write this piece. My mind then opened to the truly transformative moments that have come forth in my life as a result of this work. I recalled 2nd weekend my first time through the class. How it had become so clear to me I put others’ needs in front of my own. How the opportunity to start behaving differently from that moment on was offered to me just as clearly. I thought of all the release work. I thought of all the love I felt – whether as healer or healed. I thought of Gabriel and the thawing of my heart and I realized I am indeed learning how to “do life”. A lot of the time it has to do with letting it do me.

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