Medical tests have always been a headache for most patients because of their complexities but fortunately with the progress of medical science, difficult processes are now being changed into simple and easy ones. Now you have to go nowhere to know about the lack of blood. Your Smartphone can now be used to determine how much blood you have in your body. Anemia, also known as blood loss can now be detected by smartphones through an app prepared by US scientists.

The App works by taking a photo and it doesn’t require any blood check, the photo taken of the nails just have to be uploaded into the app. The exact amount of hemoglobin present in the blood will be told with the help of that photo. This app can be a blessing for people who are afraid of syringes. The app is designed by scientists from the Imori University of America. Which was described in the journal ‘ Nature Communication ‘ which conveys information about the discoveries of science.

No One Can Ever Do it And Use It

Chief researcher Wilbur Lam told the journal that this is a lonely app which gives near exact figure of the blood which comes in its proximity. The difference lies in the point that it doesn’t need to remove blood droplets.

This app only heals information and it will not detect any type of disease, the researchers said. He further said that this technology is so simple that no one else can ever use it, but these pregnant women will be more helpful in the affairs of the players.

Two Billion People With Anemia are Affected

Two billion people suffer from a lack of blood, i.e. anemia, all over the world. The investigation of the blood to be examined is also called the Complete blood Count or CBC. This app already has a photo based on parameters and provides correct blood loss by comparing them with photos taken from the app.

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