Many firms now get 35-45% or more of their clients from the Internet. This has opened up a huge marketing opportunity, but it has also created an equal opportunity for your competition. Just because you have your website, Facebook, Twitter, google ads, and overall online marketing strategy up and running, don’t think you can get lazy about client intake and management.

Now more than ever, when a client contacts you, you have to be ready to act immediately because that client probably is looking at a list of hundreds of other firms that do the same thing that you do. Often, if you are the first to respond, and your response is helpful, caring, informative, professional, and genuine, that client will be yours.

Making your Internet Marketing strategy successful means acting with speed when a potential client contacts you. That might mean answering or returning a phone call immediately, or responding to an email within minutes. Your bookkeepers too need to be modified on the modern lines. That’s what people in the Internet Age expect and it happens to be the part of your marketing strategy that is the most cost-effective.

Whereas the prospective client who has been referred by a current or former client already has confidence in your ability, a prospective Internet client has little ability to distinguish you from the crowd. That’s your job.

Be attentive. Respond Promptly.  If you have an info@ email address, make sure someone checks it, at least hourly. It’s simply inexcusable how many law firms do not respond to the general email address that they have listed on the Web.

Overall, it’s the same client management and people interaction skills that are required in the rest of your practice that will create success with your online presence. Don’t waste this opportunity!  There are clients out there looking for you and contacting you! All you have to do is respond before the competition!

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