When shipping items, you cannot always guarantee their one hundred percent safety while on the way. However, when you made sure that they are packed properly, you can have peace of mind all throughout their journey, no matter how far or near their destination is. Though packing them securely may mean an extra cost and effort, the safety and protection of your items makes it all worth it. There are many villa movers and packers in Dubai that use good quality materials to ensure that your items stay safe.

Stiffening materials are among the packing supplies that can help you in ensuring that your items for shipping are at their safest. However, this does not always happen. If stiffening materials are used incorrectly, it is as if that your packed items do not have any protection at all. So to help you maximize the benefits of using stiffening materials for your packaging task, here are a few tips in doing so:

Prepare stiffeners as well as other materials. Most shipping as well as packaging stores can supply you stiffening materials and other packaging supplies for this purpose. This includes polyethylene-coated boards, bubble wraps, foam peanuts, air-filled plastic bags, and boxes.

Understand the right uses of stiffening materials. Contrary to what a lot of people think, stiffeners are not designed to cover the protection of your packed items. They work only to secure the objects inside the box or container. They cannot provide the proper protection for each object. Hence, it is still necessary that you use other appropriate materials when packing your stuff.

Wrap each item. Using bubble wraps, wrap each item with several layers. Then, secure the bubble wraps with tape afterwards.

Place each item in a small box. Upon securely wrapping the item, put it inside a snug box where the item fits just right enough. This will guarantee the protection of each item while on the move.

Arrange the boxed items in a larger box. After each item has been secured in tight boxes, grab a larger box. Then, place air-filled plastic bags right at the bottom of the box. Afterwards, arrange the smaller boxes inside giving around eight inches of space on all sides. Secure each side with plastic bags that are filled with air. Do the same arrangement right on top of the smaller boxes. Make sure that the bags are leak-proof so as they can provide your much-needed protection.

Insert the coated boards. Place these boards right between the box’s side and the plastic bags. Do this properly and carefully until the smaller boxes inside are housed comfortably already.

Secure it off with Styrofoam peanuts. For all the extra spaces in the large box, fill them in with foam peanuts. When everything is all set, close the box and seal it off with a tape.

The right positioning of stiffening materials is always helpful in ensuring the protection of your packed items. This is true especially when packing breakable items subject for shipping. So, the next time you have a packaging task, understand the importance of stiffening materials in the proper securing and protecting of all your items. Furthermore, if you are interested in storing any type of items at a safe place in UAE, you will be able to find many storage services in Dubai that provide quality and secure services.

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