Pure coconut oil has no doubt about its benefits and functions. It can be used by housewives for cooking until it is used by women who want to maintain their beauty, making virgin coconut oil an ‘idol’. Now, the number of people selling virgin coconut oil is increasing because selling virgin coconut oil products will never lose interest.

It should also be noted that with this great opportunity, there is also a greater chance of people selling virgin coconut oil to counterfeit the virgin coconut oil product. Therefore, as smart consumers, we should always be careful in making choices and know the characteristics of fake virgin coconut oil products that have been circulating on the market. 

Distinguishing Pure Coconut Oil 

The first thing to pay attention to is the aroma of virgin coconut oil itself, if you smell a rancid aroma in virgin coconut oil products, then you can be sure that the process of making virgin coconut oil is going through an unfavorable stage, such as not being filtered properly or the water content is still high, causing virgin coconut oil to be damaged easily. Pure coconut oil products with quality aroma and taste, of course the aroma and taste of fresh coconut. If the aroma and taste are neutral, then the product has been purified by a chemical process. To keep virgin coconut oil from rancidity is try virgin coconut oil products to be avoided from direct sunlight, virgin coconut oil products are always tightly closed to prevent moisture from entering, and use a clean spoon to take virgin coconut oil from the container. It should be noted that you should not slide the spoon over and over again to prevent mold and bacterial contamination.

The next thing to pay attention to when someone is selling virgin coconut oil is to look at its physical appearance. A quality virgin coconut oil product when stored at room temperature is liquid, but if stored in a room where the temperature is less than 20 o Celsius, the appearance of virgin coconut oil will be frozen and the color will turn milky white. 

If virgin coconut oil has changed color to yellowish when liquid or thick, the aroma becomes rotten and smells, the taste becomes sour, and there is a sediment at the bottom of the container, then coconut oil is not suitable for use.

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